How Can ZeroRisk Cases® Help Recruit High Value Camp Lejeune Claimants For Your Firm?

Class Action Lawsuit - Sep 22, 2022 10:00 AM ET

The ZeroRisk Client Acquisition Program connects law firms and new clients. Obtaining strong cases can be a difficult, time and resource-consuming task. We do this so you won’t have to. The process is a cutting-edge lead generation method resulting in the best quality signed cases available today.  We offer price stability, exclusivity and high value claimants.

How Do We Obtain Camp Lejeune Cases?

  1. We use AI-based Behavioral Intent Targeting to create exclusive Camp LeJeune injury leads from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and data mining using our proprietary software and strategy. This targeting puts effective advertising in front of those actively tracked online as acting like someone coping with an injury that may have been caused by contaminated water at Camp LeJeune.
  2. The Camp Lejeune Advantage-Marines helping Marines! 
We have three unconventional ways to secure signed Camp Lejeune Water Contamination claimants.
  1. Once a Marine, always a Marine. Ron Lasorsa, a partner in ZeroRisk Cases® and former Marine, will deliver an unfair advantage for any law firm.

Lasorsa has resources in this tort that NO ONE ELSE IN THE INDUSTRY CAN MATCH.

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Contact Information:

Name: Edward Lot
Job Title: President and Managing Partner

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