The Advantages of Being a Second-Generation Lawyer – Why You Choose California’s Christopher A. Price

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One of the most successful and respected lawyers in Sacramento County, California is Christopher A. Price. After graduating second in his high school class of over 700, he went on to attend the University of California at Los Angeles, majoring in Political Science and Business and graduating in 1989. From there, he attended Pepperdine University School of Law and graduated in 1992. He then passed the California Bar exam on the first try and joined his father’s law firm where he practiced business litigation, before moving to Sacramento and forming the esteemed law firm of Ashton & Price.  But what advantages come with being a second-generation lawyer? Let’s take a closer look.

Christopher A. Price Attorney

One advantage that comes with being a second generation lawyer is that they usually have an easier time developing their career path since they are already familiar with the ins-and-outs of the legal field. This often translates into less time spent studying for bar exams or trying to find relevant work experience before beginning their legal careers. For example, Christopher Price was able to pass the bar on his first attempt because he had grown up around lawyers and had taken extra classes related to law during college.  Additionally, second generation lawyers can benefit from having access to clients through their parents' established networks or legal firms. This allows them to get a head start when building their own client base since they will already have initial contacts when they first begin practicing law independently. Furthermore, it gives them more opportunities to gain experience while also learning from their parents’ successes as well as mistakes made along the way. In Christopher’s case, working for his father’s reputable Orange County law firm allowed him to gain valuable insight into how a successful law firm should be run and gave him an opportunity to hone his skills as an attorney working directly with experienced professionals in the field.

Another advantage that comes with being a second generation lawyer is access to resources such as legal libraries, software programs and other materials that would otherwise be difficult or expensive for new attorneys to obtain on their own. Because many of these resources are typically used by experienced attorneys or large firms, having access to them can give younger attorneys a competitive edge over those who do not have such access available to them. In addition, having access to these resources may even make it possible for younger attorneys like Christopher Price who are just starting out in the legal field to handle cases that may have been previously thought too complex for them due to lack of experience or resources needed for success on such cases.

Though following in your parent’s footsteps might seem intimidating at times, being a second-generation lawyer has its advantages—especially if you're fortunate enough to come from a family steeped in legal tradition like Christopher Price did when he joined his father’s law firm after passing the bar exam on his first try back in 1992! Having access to resources unavailable elsewhere as well as knowledge gained from growing up around lawyers can give you a unique advantage when starting out your career—one which could prove invaluable down the line! For these reasons, it's no wonder why so many people have turned to second-generation attorney Christopher A. Price when they need help with any type of legal matter!

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